Master Program Molecular und Cellular Biology

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The prescribed period of study is four semesters, including a final master’s thesis. Requiring a total of 120 ECTS credits, the program is based on acquiring approximately 30 ECTS credits per semester. The curriculum of the master's program is based on a modular system consisting of topically related fields of research, including lectures, seminars and practical courses, with a strong emphasis on learning in the context of ongoing research projects. Modules can be individually composed according to the student’s goals and interests.

First semester – Basic training
The first semester of the master’s program aims to enlarge and deepen existing know-how gained in the previously completed bachelor’s program. During the first two months of the program, students will participate in the mandatory courses “Lab Methods in Molecular and Cellular Biology” and “Bioinformatics and data analysis”. Moreover, students can select up to two additional fields of study.

Second and third semester – Specialization
In the second semester, students can deepen their knowledge in the fields of study of their first semester or select additional topics. Mandatory courses include lectures, seminars, practical courses and practical research courses. In the third semester, students attend two topically linked modules, namely “Special Methods in Molecular and Cellular Biology” and a “Special Research Module”.

Fourth semester – Master module
The master’s program culminates in a 24-week period devoted to a research project, combined with the writing and defense of a master’s thesis. Through their master’s thesis, students prove their skills in conducting independent and responsible research. The final module includes additional courses such as a research seminar and colloquia.