Master Program Molecular und Cellular Biology

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Student Testimonials

I chose LMU because it is one of the best universities and occupies an important location in the science-rich landscape in Bavaria. The campus in Martinsried is the perfect combination of future research and nature: The architecture looks modern and inviting while all around are forests and meadows. As a nature lover, I feel very comfortable here!
I chose the Molecular and Cellular Master's program because I am fascinated by the molecular world of biology. Also, this program was different from those at other universities because it allowed me to put together my schedule. This is not always easy, but it makes it possible for me to study self-determined and according to my interests! So, during my studies, I was able to get deeper insights into different fields like genetics, plant sciences, and science communication. Especially the new chair "Life Sciences in Society" is an opportunity for the faculty to teach students, the future scientists, to link their science with the public. Here, one can get first insights into the topics of science communication and is even able to get hands-on experience: In collaboration with the local and new museum Biotopia, you can plan and execute workshops and other activities with the public yourself, for example.
What I also appreciate very much is that we have many different and renowned scientists in the field of plant sciences. This makes it possible to gain insights into many important areas and to learn the most modern methods.
So, if you like to work independently and want to be part of the latest research, you are in good hands here.

Alice, Germany, student







Post my bachelor's degree, I wanted to go for a direct Ph.D. program, but I am glad that I opted for a master’s program at LMU instead. The molecular and cellular biology program offers a great flexibility and diverse range of course with two internships and a research thesis. I believe all of this is moulding me to be a better researcher, giving me exceptional research experience as well as expanding my education making me more ready for a Ph.D. ahead.
All the professors show high level of quality and are very supportive.
With the pandemic taken over- LMU has constantly shown care towards their students, they also provided digital funds for needy which I believe is an excellent gesture. The professors and mentors have created amazing contents for digital learning and have never compromised on the quality of education. I also had the opportunity to mentor for a course in my 3rd semester, which was a great learning for me where I not only learnt more subjectively but also realised the effort which goes into creating online content.
My journey so far at LMU has made me a better person and I am now more confident professionally and personally.

Supriya, India, student

The MCB programme was a wholesome experience for me. The immense flexibility of the course allowed me to delve into fields that I usually wouldn’t, and didn’t limit me to the routines of a Master’s degree. To carry out independent research was perhaps the most beneficial part. My time at LMU was very rewarding, thanks to the education and exposure it offers. Its conducive environment is ideal for anyone who wishes to make a good fist of their scientific careers, and otherwise.

Kaushikk, India, student

I had applied to the MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biology) master’s program because I loved the flexibility and freedom that the program had to offer. I was one of the first students in this new master’s program (2018) and I was surely not disappointed. The program exceeded my expectations with amazing people and infrastructure, which definitely has positively impacted me in the early stages of my academic career.
The MCB program provided me the opportunity to explore different fields, which allowed me to know which field I wanted and did not want to work in the future. Admittedly, the program seems a bit overwhelming at first, but that’s because of the various options it provided. Yet, I met great supervisors, friends, and colleagues who helped me navigate, not just academically, but also through the notorious German bureaucracy. Being an international student from India, I was pleasantly surprised to see the international atmosphere on the beautiful Bio campus in Martinsied, which never gave me the sense of alienation. Munich also provided a great place for going on weekend hikes in the Alps which I would definitely recommend.
Getting a well-paid part-time job was also relatively easy (for people like me, who have a money crunch). As a Hiwi (which stands for Hilfskraft or student assistant) I worked in laboratories in the Biomedical Centre of LMU as well as the Walter-Straub Institute for Pharmacology & Toxicology, where I had the pleasure of doing research while getting paid (can be up to 900 € per month, depending on how many hours you work per week). I’ve also had the opportunity to tutor courses for students which was an amazing experience, which I would definitely recommend students to try out. I am fluent in English but came here with literally no knowledge of German, as a language. Yet, I did not find this to be an issue while working or while applying for Hiwis or for internships (called research courses here) or my master thesis, based on my experience.
The MCB program is great for both focused (who know what they want to do) and for confused souls (like myself) and would want to try different things and narrow their field of interest. And if you do go for MCB, organizing yourself is really important since it’s easy to get lost in the various options. But there are supervisors, peers, and the admin (sometimes ;) ), which would help you throughout (only if you ask). Definitely will recommend this place to all. Last but not the least, I made amazing friends in Max Planck, LMU, and Helmholtz centres, with both my contemporaries and supervisors throughout my journey, and I would definitely recommend this program for biology enthusiasts all across the globe.

Soham, India/USA, alumnus







Ever Since my childhood, I was inclined towards understanding the mystery of life. This led me to choose a career path in biology. After 4 amazing years of my bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, I wanted to explore and develop my research interests in the area of Cell and Molecular Biology. When I was short-listing universities to pursue my master’s degree, LMU’s International Master’s program in Molecular and Cellular Biology stood out to me in terms of the diversity and flexibility it offered in designing one’s curriculum.
There are a plethora of subject areas and specializations to choose from which provide one with the freedom to choose areas that pique one’s own interest. The program heavily focuses on independent research which is a great way to learn new skills and develop scientific acumen. Even though last year was very different than what I had imagined my Study Abroad experience to look like, LMU and the Faculty of Biology went the extra mile to make international students feel welcome and elegantly adapted their teaching to the online format. Academically speaking, in all honesty, I cannot say that I have missed out on a lot.
The Master’s coordination team along with the lecturers and professors are extremely friendly, understanding and encouraging and provide a nurturing environment that fosters student growth. Looking back, I can say with certainty that choosing LMU was one of the best decisions of my life.

Purva, India, student