Master Program Molecular und Cellular Biology

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Social Networking

A great way to feel more comfortable in your new city is by getting to know others who are in the same situation. Meeting other students allows you to build relationships and to hear other perspectives of life in Munich. Social networking is a great way to find out about events, courses, accommodation and other practical information.

Getting to know fellow Biologists 

The Fachschaft Biologie (Student Union) is a student organization that represents the student body in faculty affairs, but also functions as peer counseling and social networking. It is a great place to get advice and to get involved in student representation. The Fachschaft has office hours during the semester, and otherwise can be reached by email or Facebook. See the Fachschaft website for information and the link to the unofficial Facebook page.

Ways to meet other students at the LMU

Student get-togethers or "Stammtische" are often organized through various forums and are a great way to socialize with your peers in a informal and comfortable setting. To find out about when Stammtische are being held you can either check on Facebook at Bio LMU Master (Year) or refer to the LMU Intercultural Exchange website which offers: 

    • "Stammtische"/get-togethers
    • Intercultural Workshops
    • Counselling

Ways to meet people outside the LMU

Gastfreunde Muenchen is a program set up to connect people from different countries. The program offers help with everyday affairs, events and a forum to learn about different cultures. 

Sports and athletics are always a good way to meet people with common interests. Whether you're interested in team sports, fitness classes, or general activity, the Zentrale Hochschulsport offers a variety of options.