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Athletics and Team Sports

The Zentrale Hochschule München(ZHS) offers a variety of individual and team sports or fitness classes for students. The prices are very reasonable. There is a general registration, although with some sports it is not required. Most of the sports and classes are offered at the Olympic Park in Munich. Semester tickets can be purchased through the ZHS website. The ZHS website is only in German, but for an English translation or explanation you can contact them at +49 89 28924667, stop by in person or have a German speaker help you.

Another way of finding team sports or activities in Munich is by social networking. A great way to connect with people and be active is by playing team sports. The unofficial "master's" Facebook page is a good place to ask about and look for team sports.

Gyms and Fitness Training

The ZHS offers gyms and fitness courses that one can sign up for through their website. Otherwise, there are several reasonably priced public gyms in Munich where one can become a member.

Swimming pools are also abundant throughout Munich and are also offered at the ZHS. For a list of pools see.


Since Munich is so close to the Alps, hiking is a very popular activity and a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the landscape around Munich. For more information about the Alps, trails and hiking visit.